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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Another Rainy Day

Rainy Day. The joy of sipping on coffee by the side of your bay window. Staring at the rain droplets on your window pane. Standing in the balcony to feel that light drizzle touch your skin. This is how I have been spending this whole month. A new house, new curtains, new lamp, new candles, all this has kept me so busy, that I have almost forgotten about work. :P
And this post has been lying in my draft box for a long time now. A random unplanned post, with some pictures from the day's outfit and also some details of my house interiors. 

Creaking doors and windows, whistling winds, light drizzle, water droplets, cold floor, soft music, chaotic hurrying clouds, hot piping coffee, camera, funny poses and laughter. 
A glimpse of just another day. A rainy Day. Another Rainy Day. :)

Picked this printed top the other day from Bossini, at the Lifestyle Stores, during their Sale ReviewLounging around in this freakish hairdo and maxi skirt from Forever 21. Have a couple of bracelets and this DIY tassel earring complimenting the look.
Wearing my sweet Peach Crush on my lips. 

Printed Top : Bossini (Lifestyle Store)
Slit Maxi Skirt : Forever 21
Tassel Earrings : DIY
Bracelets : Toniq Accessories
Lip Color : Peach Crush by Colorbar

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Happy Season

SALE = Happiness. Excitement. Adrenaline Rush. Euphoria. etc etc. I can go on and on for a while and not run out of words to define it. What I am trying to say here is that Sale is a SUPERDUPERHAPPY time, isn't it! And it's here. SALE Season is here. Go around the city, one thing that would stand out and cry for your attention would be the SALE sign. With the lovely rains here in Bangalore I could say it's raining Sales! 
Amidst all this frenzy and happiness, an invitation from Lifestyle Store to come visit their ongoing sale was like the cherry on top. Lifestyle, which is a part of the Landmark Group, happens to be one the top Indian department store chain. They store various products from many national and international brands like Bossini, Van Heusen, AND, Code, Ginger, Catwalk etc. 'The Off Sale' as they call it, allows you to buy a zillion products ranging from Womenswear, Menswear, Home Furnishings, Home Decor, Cosmetics, Perfumes and so much more, with a cut down of up to 50%. 

I decided to create a couple of looks from the products that are available at the store, to give you guys an idea of how an entire ensemble can be bought for so less.  

For the first look my first pick was this printed top from ONLY. ONLY has been one of my favourite brands, mainly because they always bring international trends to the market, and have something new to offer each time. And trust me, seeing brands like ONLY and Vero Moda on sale is so pleasing. Pleasing to your wardrobe and wallet, both. Coming back to the look, I teamed it up with denims, and a fancy bright bag. These dangling earrings add a peck of bling to this well defined day look.

Keeping evening wear in mind, this second look is created with this gorgeous and comfortable dress from Benetton. The dress is certainly a must have. The subtle colour, the fabric and the silhouette makes it a perfect number. The pretty stone earrings and the cut work clutch bag, along with these dazzling heels complete my look.

Shop Look 1
Only T shirt : MRP - Rs 1995 , Discounted Price - Rs 1795
Kraus Denim : MRP - Rs 1495, Discounted Price - Rs 1345
Ginger Earrings : MRP - Rs 399, Discounted Price - Rs 320
Sky Blue Roselle Bag : MRP - Rs 1999, Discounted Price - Rs 1399.  

Shop Look 2

Benetton: MRP - Rs 3299, Discounted Price - Rs - 1979
Ginger Pouch: MRP - Rs 799 , No discount (New Collection)
Ginger Earring: MRP - Rs 450, Discounted Price - Rs 360

Paprika Heels: MRP - Rs 1999, Discounted Price Rs 1499

I have always been a frequent visitor at the Lifestyle Store. But a visit during the Sale is such a task. So many people. So many products. And much chaos. But one thing that takes the pain away is when you see your favourite pick being sold at half the price. Perfect time to buy something you have been eyeing up for quite sometime now, right? 
So what are you waiting for! RUN! ^.^

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Silver Lining

Introducing a new collaboration with FrontRowShop. Another Find-It-All Website. The range includes Clothing, Shoes, Accessories etc. You would want to buy everything out there on the website, all so tempting! After browsing through each and every item, I decided to pick this Metallic Grey Top, mainly because of the fit, as I have always been a big fan of loose fit clothing. I also got my hands on this gorgeous studded Ear cuff. Something that I have wanting to have for so long now. Teamed it up these old Culottes. *So freaking comfortable* I like how this lipstick shade brings out the duskier complexion. Tried a different shade of eyeliner for this post, emerald green. Not so bad, right! :)

Bright Yarn Top : Front Row Shop | Shop
Culottes : Tibetan Plaza
Faux Diamond Ear Cuff : Front Row Shop | Shop
Neon Sandals : Choies
Clutch Bag : Toniq Accessories
Lip Color : Oriflame