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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wander and Wonder

Not all who wander are lost - J. R. R. Tolkien

These words make me wander. My mind wanders. A constant wanderer. Never comes to rest. Wander to the places I have never been to. Places that aren't even real. Or maybe are. My mind wanders. To the far distant cities. To my sweet home. My mind wanders. Sometimes in the future. And sometimes wanders taking a stroll in the past. My mind wanders and wonders. About what could be. And what couldn't be. Crossing a home, away from my home. My mind starts to wander. Imagining the family residing in there, similar to mine. My mind wanders. Each time I cross someone walking on the road. My mind starts to wander. About that someone's wandering mind. My mind wanders. Sometimes I look around and pause everything in my mind and let it wander, staring at me as this tiny thing, from the far far space. The wanderer wonders what it would be like to not wander.
And my mind continues to wander and wonder.

Photography : Debjyoti Das | thatPhotographerwithHeadphones

A late welcome to the summer with this casual look. Summer. When you can just put on that plain t shirt with denims/shorts with some striking earrings and a bright lip colour, and go out, feeling the bright happy sun on your skin and hair! 

T shirt and Earrings : Splash
Denims : Vero Moda
Sandals : Choies
Handbag : Westside
Lip color : Peach Crush by Colorbar
Wayfarers : Streets

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

All Of Me

And finally an outfit post after so long. So freaking long. So, quick update, almost done with my Graduation Project, left with too much work, but no more office after 8 days! Wohoo! Work and my chaotic mind has kept me busy. Have been dreaming of the graduation day. 
*Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.* 
My heart sings. 
Of course the whole thing of missing college days and friends is there. But then there are too many things that I want to do, that doesn't happen with the amount of free time I get during college/office days. So yes!
Wish me luck! :)

Another fusion look, draped this old saree as a dhoti, wearing it with this strapless blouse. Enhancing the look is this gorgeous jewel piece I picked from a local market during one of those painful fabric sourcing days at work. Definitely the only good part about going place in search of things. Introduces you to some amazing hidden shopping spots. Adding the grunge touch to the indian look here is the faux leather jacket I received from Romwe, a couple of months back. And yes, I am still wearing these boots, I am. Every second day! :P

And now a news that I have share with you guys. If you didn't already know then, I along with my photographer Debjyoti, run this community called 'Drum and Bass India'. 
We aim at promoting Drum n Bass genre and supporting underground DnB Indian Artists/DJs.
We are doing an event at Pebble, Bangalore, this 28th of March. Have a crazy line up with a few talented artists, including my photographer! :)
Would be great if you guys show up, do not miss, it surely is going to be massive. Plus I will be there! :D

Find more details :  

Saree : Gifted
 Tied Black Platform Ankle Boots : Romwe | Shop
Faux Leather Jacket : Romwe | Shop
Mangtika : Local Market
On my lips : Hot Hot Hot by Colorbar

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Melissa Corsari for Razzle Dazzle Pickle

I have always been very fascinated by different kinds of Fashion Illustrations, done by different artists, with each one portraying a unique style. It's something that I intend to be good at and sadly I am still working on that! :D

 And it was very delighting when Melissa Corsari, a talented Fashion Illustrator from Italy got in touch for a collaboration and offered to do an illustration of one of my pictures. Melissa has been interested in drawings since she was a kid, and she worked on what she enjoys and also went to an art school to strengthen her skills. Her main focus is on Female figure because she thinks women embody a kind of beauty that is special and unique. She takes inspiration from Tv fashion shows, runways, magazines, music videos and artists from the past. 

Connect with her on Facebook : Fashion Illustrations by MC

And I am super excited to present to you this artwork done by her. 
Thank you so much Melissa, this is super cute, I absolutely adore it! :)

Get in touch with Melissa :